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Anne Rice's Immortal Universe Expands

AMC's 'Interview with the Vampire' and the 'Mayfair Witches' have company coming.

Photo credit: AMC+

AMC’s exploration of Anne Rice’s literary works has already yielded two binge-worthy television adaptations. First, the author’s “Vampire Chronicles” were made into the “Interview with the Vampire” series starring Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson as creatures of the night Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac respectively. Second, Rice’s “Mayfair Witches” series followed with actor Alexandra Daddario stepping into the lead role of Rowan Fielding. And now the network will venture even further and explore yet another aspect of Rice’s supernatural universe known as the Talamasca.

According to the project’s official description (per Variety), “[The upcoming series] is set in the world of the Talamasca, a secretive organization featured in a number of Rice’s iconic novels that is devoted to studying the supernatural world and keeping mortals safe from its darkest elements.”

The Order of the Talamasca made its first appearance in the pages of Rice’s third “Vampire Chronicles” novel, 1988’s “Queen of the Damned.” While the secret society plays a large part in Rice’s stories, don’t expect to see any evidence of the order in Season 2 of Louis and Lestat’s adventures, which should focus solely on the second half of the “Interview with the Vampire” novel.

The Talamasca will stand alone in Rice's Immortal Universe

Photo credit: AMC+

Yes, AMC is expanding Anne Rice’s world even more with yet another TV adaptation in their “Immortal Verse,” but this project will revolve around the Order of the Talamasca. Since the secret society is focused on studying the supernatural, fans can likely expect a crossover between either one or both of the already existing series in the future. “The enthusiastic critical and fan reception to ‘Interview’ and ‘Mayfair’ is a great sign of what is yet to come in this immersive universe based on the works of Anne Rice,” McDermott said (via Variety).

The Talamasca didn’t have a presence at all in the first adaptation of Rice’s work, which was Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt’s “Interview with the Vampire” film. The secret order doesn’t appear in the novel of the same name either. “We’re excited to be in active development of the next installment in this growing franchise, written and to be showrun by the incomparable John Lee Hancock.”

“The Talamasca is one of the most intriguing elements of Rice’s works and a connective thread through so many of her stories, the standalone and crossover potential for this third series is immense,” McDermott continued. Outside of Rice’s expansive library of literary works, the Talamasca was only lightly touched on in the second adaptation of the author’s work, which was 2002’s motion picture “Queen of the Damned.” The release date for the new Talamasca-based series is still TBD.


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