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Book 3 of 3

Evelyn is gone. Fearing her presence will endanger those she cares about, the vampire remains hidden away from the world in her self-imposed exile, and Jon’s life spirals out of control as a result. Meanwhile, Ian Carter discovers the kind-hearted bloodsucker’s true weakness, and he plans to use Jon as bait to lure Evelyn out of the shadows. In the meantime, Kimberly Lause fears her sadistic captor will soon have no further need to keep her alive.

Ginger’s botched kidnapping has left her with severe psychological damage. Everywhere she turns, The Monster is waiting in her imagination, and the cheerleader is finding it harder and harder to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Betty does her best to help her traumatized friend, but, ready or not, Ginger’s rematch with the fiendish serial killer is inevitable. Meanwhile, Jane waits patiently to reveal her life-changing secret.

Unfortunately, Troy doesn’t have any idea what kind of sick and twisted game his ex-girlfriend is playing. Sanchez makes a bold move for Cindy’s affection at the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, and Benton High’s Ghastly Gatsby Gala will be anything but formal. Two unspeakable villains converge on the Texas town, and Jon comes to the realization he must face his fate alone.

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reading order:

1. tale of the monster

2. my girlfriend sucks!

3. the aftertaste of blood

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